You know, I’d love just ONCE to go into the Steven Moffat tag and not see piles of disgusting hatred thrown at the guy. Nothing makes me rage more than blind Moffat hate. It makes me want to run far far away from much of the doctor who fandom on tumblr. Is it just the cool hip thing to do around here or what, because i am beyond sick of the shit. I can understand being critical of some choices he’s made or not being a fan of his writing, but you fucks go too damn far with all of this.

Its either the same bullshit spouted over and over or literally just random posts hating on every move the man makes and every word he speaks. Seems like plenty have just made up their minds to actually hate Moffat & base much of this opinion on a few popular (and I believe very baseless & wrong) opinions on his character. Hating for hate’s sake because its the thing to do.

Fuck that. I’m done. I fucking love Steven Moffat & think he’s an awesome writer and genuinely good dude.

Whoooaaa…just watched Oculus & it was seriously fantastic! I mean, proper fucking horror mind trip. Excellent direction, camera work, editing & performances.

I wanted a bit more from the ending, but still highly recommend it.


Buy one, get one free!

Buy one, get two free!

Buy one, get sixty million three hundred and nine free!

Did you really want all these? Really? Did you need them?

Did you know this would happen? Why did you allow this to happen?


It is… everything.




So many people are like “Capaldi is a Doctor Who fan, he’ll tell Moffat what’s what”

Are you kidding me? Those two nerds are just going to be geeking out at each other the entire time. They are both super knowledgeable about the show.

I’ve been reading posts on tumblr about how there’s rumours of “tension” and how they’re yelling at each other on set.


something all of tumblr should see.


Sometimes I’m in a good mood and then I remember the himym finale and I just get so angry all over again 

…still not over the HIMYM finale.

Major wall of text regarding the second half of Night Vale’s second anniversary episode. WARNING: SPOILERS ahead!


I loved this episode. I cried and silently cheered while my emotions whipped from one end of the spectrum to another. This will all take some time to process.

Carlos. Oh poor Carlos. This is so unfair. I firmly believe Night Vale is his home now & it is a great injustice to have him trapped outside in the strange nether world. But I was thinking, perhaps his entrance into Night Vale was some hiccup in space and time that started all of this to begin with. What do you guys think? He has more than earned his keep in my book, but maybe he will have to really prove that this is where he belongs. Night Vale is home to him now and anything or place he was before is irrelevant because it’s who he’s become that matters. Poor Cecil signing off to get that message breaks my heart and I cannot wait to see where this goes.

I can say that even with all the pretty clear clues I never did see this coming. My love for dear Carlos blinded me to that, I think.

How amazing was Steve Carlsberg!?I know that’s something I never thought I’d say, but wow—he gets all the credit here. I applaud you, Steve. Actually, as he started to drift toward the light I was getting very upset, because despite his (*many*) flaws he is still our Steve Carlsberg, Night Vale citizen.

Kind of confused by who Steve is to Cecil. I want Janice to be Cecil’s sister’s kid (and that’s what I always assumed), yet there’s been no explicit mention of that. So are they stepbrothers or brother-in-laws?

Now to Kevin. I felt bad for him in the end knowing for sure that he was fully taken over by the smiling god against his will. Well, no, Kevin as we knew him was a shell of the person he used to be and that’s who I feel for—that poor lost Kevin we never knew. Knowing my theory that the dark day he spoke of some episodes back was true is just very sad. I kind of realized I didn’t really wanna be right on that. This (along with the Steve Carlsberg stuff) is a good reminder that people aren’t really just one thing.

Cheers for Dana as mayor and Hiram & Faceless Old Woman’s plotting! Most people guessed this so it wasn’t such a shock, but wow was I excited to hear this.

This (A+B) was such a beautiful celebration of everything Night Vale! The callbacks and finally hearing all these characters speak was really a treat. I just love this world they’ve created so damn much. I will listen and proudly join in on this brilliant journey as long as they continue to create it. I’ve been as excited as all get out on the 1st & 15th of each month for about a year and a half now and will eagerly be waiting for where they’re gonna go next.

Does DW Legacy not have the fourth and fifth Doctors?

They do not. 5th will be in very soon & they’re still waiting on approval from Tom.